Our Corporate Office

Our Corporation Office located at 9-11 Sholl Street, Roebourne is led by John Sandy (Director/Corporation Manager).

The Corporation Manager is supported by a strong and talented team of traditional owners with the sole purpose of delivering the Corporation’s objectives.

These objectives are:

  1. Provide essential and urgent support in relation to the following for our members: Health and Support; Education; Community Support; Home Support; Employment; and/or Accessing Opportunities for Yindjibarndi People.
  2. Maintain Cultural knowledge; respect and traditions of the Yindjibarndi people.
  3. Support and empower the future generations of Yindjibarndi people.
  4. Build, strengthen and support the Community.
  5. Create a sustainable future for Yindjibarndi people through enterprise; investments; and a strong asset base.
  6. Operate within a framework of accepted Australian good governance.
Robourne Office